Does this sound familiar?

You’ve written something for your business, but aren't comfortable sending it out because grammar and punctuation aren’t your strong suits.

You'd like to send a promo piece to your customers about your newest product launch.  Or you need to shoot out a company-wide email to explain a new corporate policy that's just been launched. However, no one on your staff has the time or the skill to do this quickly and effectively.

You've written a White Paper or company newsletter.  You're pleased with the content but need another pair of eyes to copy edit it, just to ensure
the punctuation is correct, the text flows well, and you haven't overlooked any little errors.

Your Policy and Procedure manual needs to be updated but your people are so busy with their own projects that you aren't comfortable asking anyone in-house to take this on as well.

You want to revamp your website by removing text and adding appeal, and you don't want to go broke doing so.

This is where we come in!

You need someone who can proofread for you quickly and thoroughly ... or make a piece of text sing with a minimum of verbiage and 'corporate-speak.' Or perhaps you are looking for someone with experience in drafting company policies on issues like reducing your environmental footprint or ethnic diversity: areas that are becoming increasingly important to those with whom you do business these days.

Words & Details is here to help.

Contact us to discover how we can help, freeing you up to focus on the things that interest you more.